Low-Carb Protein Based Desserts that are Gluten Free, Dairy Free with No Added Sugars!

Plant Based - Keto Friendly - Vegan - Collagen Options

FAT Burning

MUSCLE Building

IMMUNE Boosting

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Our Products

Muffins Stay Fresh for 3-4 weeks (refigerated)

(will stay fresh about 2 weeks at room temperature)


Can be frozen for long storage

Muffins can be enjoyed cold, roomtemp or heated

Mmmmm...warm brownies

The Dessert Diet!

A Sweet Rewards Program!

The Dessert Diet is a rewards program. This is how it works...

If you order $100 to $199 worth of sweets in January, you will receive 10% off anything you order in February.


$200 to $299 equals 20% off in Feb.

Over $300 and it's 30%!

Also, if are ordering over $300 you are dedicated to bettering yourself through our healthy sweets and Casey, the founder, and a Cognitive Performance Coach, will have a session with you, if you want. 

Casey has tested the Dessert Diet on himself (several times) and it works. He was (and still is) eating over 80% of his calories with BAKED with PROTEIN sweets and got in the best shape of his life, without changing his workout routine. 

The point is...the more healthy sweets you eat, the better you will look and feel!

To be eligible for the program, email us and we will keep track of your orders and then email you a personal code at the end of the month with the corresponding coupon for the next month.

The Dessert Diet

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